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 Tue, Jun 28, 2022 1:25am EDT

About Us

TMVision is committed to providing quality service for all customers and helping each company exclusively reach their highest level of success. By working directly with each customer, we ensure that the right services are matched to each organization at all times. We are constantly looking at new ways of improving resources to make your online business a success.

Tamra M BurgessTamra is the founder of TMVision. Tamra has worked 16-years in Silicon Valley in software engineering and management for corporations such as Apple, Palm Computing, and other successful companies. She is highly experienced with startup organizations and helping those organizations reach the next level of success, including companies such as Palm Computing, Global Village, PSI Modem and Netcom Communications which helped launch the online revolution.

As a quality assurance engineer and software release manager working directly with developers, Tamra is experienced in delivering quality US & International consumer products, including the first series of local and international Palm products, which are still noted as some of the best technology released. The PalmPilot 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 products are still noted as some of the best and quality products released. Tamra exclusively QA'd the PalmPilot Expense application for all platforms and her ideas helped implement new features. Tamra has also stopped in-progress production and manufacturing on products QA'd by other teams rather than allowing the release of a product that would be burdensome to consumers.

Tamra has developed company-wide software release and customer service processes and is always actively involved in improving the quality of consumer products released as well as online services. She has worked directly with and received hands-on guidance and training from the most respected and humble industry leaders who have designed many of the consumer products (Apple, IBM, Cisco, Palm, TiVo) that have now become the foundation for many of the products and technology consumers and organizations are using today.

This experience has given her the knowledge to create a fun, yet productive engineering environment that benefits everyone. And the New York City area has certainly provided a great deal of diversity as well as endless opportunities to help companies grow and expand the correct way.

TMVOnline Home Hosting Plans Domain Services Contact Us About Us

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